Formula: K6Fe20S26S
Specific gravity: 3.305
Hardness: 3½
Streak: Black
Colour: Blackish brown
Common impurities: Na,Cu,Ni,Co,Cl

Volcanic igneous environments


At the Palitra pegmatite, Karnasurt mine, Kedykverpakhk Mountain, Lovozersky District, Murmansk Oblast, Russia, bartonite has been found in an ussingite - natrolite vein. Together with chlorbartonite it forms granular masses to 1 cm associated with nepheline, eudialyte, lorenzenite, arfvedsonite, aegirine and villiaumite (Minrec 36.5.403).

At the type locality, Coyote Peak, Coastal Range, Humboldt county, California, USA, bartonite occurs in clots with other sulphides and silicates in a breccia-filled volcanic pipe. Associated minerals include rasvumite, djerfisherite, erdite, pyrrhotite, pyrite, sphalerite, löllingite, magnetite, nepheline and phlogopite (HOM, Mindat). Bartonite occurs in masses up to several mm across, intergrown with pyrrhotite (AM 64.241). Bartonite may be intimately intergrown with the typical silicates that comprise the host rock. In many specimens, it appears that bartonite has replaced pyrrhotite, and some aggregates of bartonite contain inclusions of phlogopite. Rarely, bartonite occurs as subhedral cores of octahedral crystals of magnetite (AM 66.369-375).

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