Formula: Bi2O3
Simple oxide, paramorph of sphaerobismoite
Specific gravity: 8.64 to 9.22
Hardness: 4½
Streak: Grey to yellow
Colour: Greyish green, greenish yellow to bright yellow

Hydrothermal environments

Bismite is an oxidation product of various bismuth-bearing minerals. Associated minerals include native bismuth, bismutite and cassiterite (Webmin, HOM)


At Kingsgate, Gough county, New South Wales, Australia, bismite is fairly common, occurring as a mixture with bismutite or koechlinite. It is occasionally found as pseudomorphs after bismuthinite (AJM 10.1.8).

At Blue Hill quarry, Westmoreland county, New South Wales, Australia, bismite and bismutite are fairly common as small crystals within vein quartz, associated with molybdenite and ferrimolybdite. They also occur as small pseudomorphs after bismuthinite (AJM 10.2.48).

At the type locality, the Colavi mine, Machacamarca mining district, Cornelio Saavedra Province, Potosí, Bolivia, bismite is an oxidation product of bismuth, associated with cassiterite and bismuth (Mindat).

At Meymac, Correze, France, bismite is associated with bismutite (Dana).

At Rincon, San Diego county, California, USA, bismite occurs in a pegmatite as microcrystals associated with bismutite and pucherite (Dana).

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