Formula: Na2Ca(SO4)2 sulphate
Specific gravity: 2.7 to 2.8
Hardness: 2½ to 3
Streak: White
Colour: Grey, colourless, yellowish, red
Solubility: Soluble in water

Sedimentary environments

Glauberite occurs in dry salt-lake beds or marine evaporite deposits, generally in desert climates, and in fumeroles. Glauberite dissolves in water, depositing gypsum, so pseudomorphs of gypsum after glauberite are not uncommon (AJM 10.1.17-18).

At Lake Crosbie, Victoria, Australia, glauberite occurs associated with halite and gypsum in black mud under a salt crust which covers the lake (AJM 10.1.17-18).

Camp Verde, Arizona, USA, is known for pseudomorphs of calcite after glauberite (R&M 87.1.18).

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