Formula: AgBi3S5
Specific gravity: 6.8
Hardness: 2
Streak: Lead-grey
Colour: Steel-grey to tin-white
Common impurities: Ag may be replaced by minor Cu and Bi by minor Pb

Hydrothermal environments

Pavonite typically forms fine lamellar intergrowths with cupropavonite in hydrothermal base-metal sulphide vein deposits. Other associates include bismuthinite, chalcopyrite, aikinite and hodrušite (HOM, Mindat).


At the type locality, the Bolivar Mine, Cerro Bonete, Sud Lípez Province, Potosí, Bolivia, pavonite occurred abundantly on the studied specimen, both massive and as tiny bladed crystals. In colour, lustre and hardness it closely resembles bismuthinite with which it is intimately associated. Chalcopyrite and aikinite were also identified (AM 39.409-415).

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