Formula: Pb0.5Fe3+3(SO4)2(OH)6
Anhydrous sulphate containging hydroxy, alunite group
Forms solid solution series with jarosite, natrojarosite, beudantite, corkite and beaverite-(Cu) (Mindat).
Specific gravity: 3.665
Hardness: 1½ to 2
Streak: Pale yellow
Colour: Golden-brown to dark-brown, dark brown-red, blackish
Solubility: Very slowly soluble in acids (Mindat).

Hydrothermal environments

Plumbojarosite is a secondary mineral occurring in the oxidised zone of lead-bearing ore deposits, formed by the reaction between galena and oxidising pyrite, typically in arid regions, associated with jarosite, anglesite and limonite (HOM).

At Tsumeb, Namibia, plumbojarosite has been found associated with fleischerite. (R&M 93.6.547).

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