Hydrated normal phosphate
Specific gravity: 2.81
Hardness: 3½
Streak: White
Colour: Green, greenish-white, milky white, colourless; colourless to light green in transmitted light.
Solubility: Readily soluble in hydrochloric and nitric acids

Sedimentary environments

Anapaite occurs in oolitic iron ore, in the stems of fossil trees and in lacustrine sediments (Webmin, HOM). Associated minerals include fairfieldite, goethite, vivianite and siderite (HOM, Mindat).

At the type locality, Zheleznyi Rog, Anapa, Taman Peninsula, Krasnodar Krai, Russia, anapaite occurs in oolitic iron ore, and in the stems of fossil trees, associated with vivianite, siderite, mitridatite, limonite, goethite, calcite and azovskite (Mindat).

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