Bridgmanite is believed to compose up to 93% of the lower mantle above around 2,700 km and therefore is probably the most abundant mineral in the Earth, but we cannot get down to the lower mantle, and bridgmanite does not exist in terrestrial surface deposits, but now it has been identified in a meteorite; read all about it here:


It is argued that six minerals are essential for the emergence of life; they are bridgmanite, olivine, pyrrhotite, serpentine, fougèrite and mackinawite (Russell & Ponce, 2020, Life: 10(11): 291).


Formula: MgSiO3
Unclassified silicate, bridgmanite subgroup, perovskite supergroup, polymorph of akimotoite, clinoenstatite and enstatite
Crystal System: Orthorhombic

Deep Mantle environments

Bridgmanite is the dominant mineral of the silicate lower mantle of the Earth. It is also found as an impact-induced shock-metamorphic phase enclosed in (Mg,Fe)SiO3 glass in meteorites. Associated minerals include akimotoite, ringwoodite, clinopyroxene with dominant diopside and jadeite components, majorite, periclase, wadsleyite, troilite and iron (HOM).


The type locality, the Tenham meteorite, Tenham Station, Windorah, Barcoo Shire, Queensland, Australia, is a chondritic meteorite. The impact shock pressure is estimated to be 220 to 260 kbar, temperature 2000°C. Bridgmanite occurs as submicrometer-sized crystals in shock-induced melt veins (Mindat).

At the Sorriso river, Juína, Mato Grosso, Brazil, merrillite was identified as an inclusion in lower-mantle diamonds, associated with bridgmanite, perovskite and ferropericlase (AM 107.1652–1655).

The Katol meteorite, Nagpur Division, Maharashtra, India, is a chondrite that fell over the town of Katol in the afternoon of 22 May 2012. At least 30 stones totaling over 13 kg were collected, and bridgmanite was found in them (Mindat).

The Tissint Martian meteorite, Tata Cercle, Tata Province, Souss-Massa Region, Morocco, is an achondrite, stony Martian shergottite that fell on 18 July 2011. It hosts bridgmanite.

The Koffiefontein Mine, Koffiefontein, Letsemeng Local Municipality, Xhariep District Municipality, Free State, South Africa, is a diamond mine in a kimberlite pipe. Bridgmanite has been found here as inclusions in diamond.

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