Formula: Pb14(Sb,As)6S23 Sulfosalt, forms a series with jordanite
Specific gravity: 6.46
Hardness: 2½ to 3
Streak: Light lead-grey to greyish blue
Colour: Light lead-gray to greyish

Hydrothermal environments

Geocronite occurs in hydrothermal veins with sulphides and other sulfosalt minerals, (Webmin, HOM) associated with galena, pyrite, tetrahedrite, baryte, fluorite and quartz (HOM, Mindat).

At the Van Silver Property, Vancouver Mining District, British Columbia, Canada, geocronite often forms isolated crystal groups on ankerite and quartz, and rarely on baryte. It has been observed overgrown by miargyrite (MinRec 31.3.225).

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