Formula: Fe3+3Mg24Zn18(SO4)4(CO3)2(OH)81
Compound sulphate
Specific gravity: 3.02
Hardness: 2 to 3
Streak: Yellow to light yellow
Colour: Bright orange, light yellow

Hydrothermal environments

The only recorded localities to date (February 2020) for hauckite are the Sterling mine (type locality) and the Franklin mine, both in the Franklin Mining District, Sussex County, New Jersey, USA.

At the type locality hauckite has been found in three specimens with quite different associations.
On the type specimen hauckite is implanted on a very vuggy and altered calcite and serpentine matrix, associated with mooreite and phlogopite.
On a second specimen hauckite is associated with severely altered sussexite, pyrochroite and zincite. The sequence of deposition is pyrochroite followed by sussexite, then zincite and finally hauckite.
In a third specimen hauckite is deposited on chlorophoenicite which in turn coats a decomposed calcite - serpentine rock.
Hauckite is among the last minerals to form in each assemblage (AM 65.192-195).

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