Formula: TeO2, tellurium-bearing mineral
Simple oxide, rutile group, tetragonal paramorph of orthorhombic tellurite, commonly forms pseudomorphs after tellurite
Specific gravity: 5.6
omm Hardness: 1
Streak: White
Colour: Greyish white, pale yellow, creamy yellow

Hydrothermal environments


There are two co-type localities, the Santa Rosa mine, Cananea, Cananea Municipality, and the Moctezuma mine, Moctezuma, Moctezuma Municipality, both at Sonora, Mexico. Here paratellurite occurs as a black oxidation rind around masses of native tellurium; the black colour is due to finely included tellurium. Paratellurite also occurs as waxy honey-coloured coatings on fractures in native tellurium, and as pseudomorphs after later tellurite at some distance from the tellurium masses (Dana, AM 45.1272-1274).
At the Moctezuma mine paratellurite occurs as thin seams in tellurium from a hydrothermal gold-tellurium deposit, associated with tellurite and tellurium (HOM).

At the Joe mine, Cochise County, Arizona, USA, paratellurite is associated with krennerite, tellurium, rodalquilarite, emmonsite and anglesite (HOM).

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