Formula: Mn2+TiO3
Simple oxide, ilmenite group, forms a series with ilmenite
Specific gravity: 4 537
Hardness: 5 to 6
Streak: Ochre yellow with greenish tinge
Colour: Blood red, greenish yellow, brownish, blackish; orange in transmitted light
Common impurities: Fe,Zn

Metamorphic environments most common
Hydrothermal environments
Extraterrestrial environments very rare

Pyrophanite occurs principally in metamorphosed manganese deposits, less commonly as an accessory mineral in granite, amphibolite or serpentinite, and very rarely as a component in chondritic meteorites. Associated minerals include ilmenite, geikielite, hematite, spinel, gahnite, chromite, magnetite, ganophyllite, biotite variety manganophyllite, hendricksite, garnet and calcite (HOM).


The type locality is the Harstigen mine, Pajsberg, Persberg ore district, Filipstad, Värmland County, Sweden.

At the Sterling Hill mine pyrophanite has been found associated with ganophyllite, garnet and biotite variety manganophyllite, in cavities later filled with calcite (Dana).

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