Formula: Cu2+9Si10O29.11H2O
Unclassified silicate
Specific gravity: 2.80
Hardness: 2
Colour: Blue

Metamorphic environments
Hydrothermal environments

Apachite is a retrograde metamorphic or mixed hypogene and supergene mineral formed at the expense of a prograde (increasing metamorphic grade) calc-silicate and sulphide assemblage in metamorphosed carbonate rocks. At the type locality, the Christmas mine, Gila County, USA, it is typically found in fractured zones cutting garnet-diopside rock, replacing both these silcates and calcite. Associated minerals are kinoite, gilalite, stringhamite, junitoite, clinohedrite, xonotlite, calcite and tobermorite (HOM/AM65.1065).

Common impurities: Mg,Ca

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