Formula: CuFe3+2(AsO4)2(OH)2.4H2O
Hydrated arsenate containing hydroxyl
Specific gravity: 3.2
Hardness: 3 to 4
Colour: Apple-green, emerald-green, pale olive-green

Hydrothermal environments

Arthurite is a rare secondary mineral in the oxidised zone of some copper deposits, formed by alteration of arsenopyrite or enargite, and associated with pharmacosiderite, scorodite, conichalcite, chenevixite, chalcophyllite, brochantite and quartz (HOM).

At the type locality, Hingston Down Consols, Cornwall, England, arthurite is associated with pharmacosiderite, scorodite, other phosphates and quartz (Dana).

Common impurities: P,S

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