Formula: Cu(Fe3+,Al)(AsO4)(OH)2
Hydrated arsenate containing hydroxyl
Forms a series with luetheite. (HOM)
Specific gravity: 3.93
Hardness: 3½ to 4½
Streak: Yellow-green
Colour: Olive green, yellow-green, dark green
Solubility: Readily soluble in acids

Hydrothermal environments

Chenevixite is a relatively rare secondary arsenate in oxidised zones of some hydrothermal, polymetallic ore deposits, commonly associated with olivenite, quartz and scorodite. (Mindat)

At the New Cobar Deposit, New South Wales, Australia, chenevixite is often associated with hematite and segnitite, and occasionally seen as coatings on goethite. Chenevixite is one of the first minerals to form in the assemblage, often coated with other arsenates, and invariably found as a direct alteration product of arsenopyrite. (AJM 11.2.79)

At the Bali Lo prospect, Ashburton Downs, Western Australia, chenevixite is one of the major components of the gossan, generally intergrown with olivenite and sometimes containing irregular quartz fragments. (AJM 13.1.35)

At Naco, Sonora, Mexico, chenevixite is associated with malachite, bystromite and ordoñezite. (HOM)

At the type locality, Wheal Gorland, Cornwall, England, chenevixite is associated with quartz. (mindat, HOM)

At Mahuba Hill, Nevada, USA, chenevixite is associated with olivenite and scorodite. (HOM)

At the American Eagle mine, Tintic District, Utah, USA, chenevixite is associated with olivenite and quartz. (Dana, HOM)

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