Formula: Cu2(AsO4)(OH)
Anhydrous arsenate containing hydroxyl. Olivenite group, forms series with libethenite and with adamite.
Specific gravity: 3.9 to 4.5
Hardness: 3
Streak: Olive-green to brown
Colour: Olive green to yellow or brown, grey-green, greyish white; light green in transmitted light.
Solubility: Soluble in acids and in ammonia

Hydrothermal environments

Olivenite is a relatively common, thermodynamically very stable, secondary copper mineral found in the oxidised zones of copper deposits containing arsenic-bearing phases, especially tennantite and enargite. It is the most common secondary copper arsenate in the oxdised zone of hydrothermal copper deposits.

Associations: clinoclase, conichalcite, tyrolite, cornetite, cornwallite, metazeunerite, scorodite, pharmacosiderite, spangolite, chalcophyllite, brochantite, malachite, azurite and chrysocolla.

At the Block 14 open cut, Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia, olivenite occurs with beudantite-segnitite, bayldonite, mawbyite and mimetite. Later sulphate minerals such as brochantite and linarite also occur on some specimens.

At the New Cobar deposit, New South Wales, Australia, olivenite occurs in vugs in quartz, associated with chenevixite and agardite, and almost always associated with partially oxidised arsenopyrite.

At the Desolation prospect, Mount Isa Block, Queensland, Australia, olivenite is found on chrysocolla, associated with clinoclase. Olivenite and libethenite also occur on earlier chrysocolla and As-rich pseudomalachite crusts.

At the Bali Lo prospect, Ashburton Downs, Western Australia, olivenite occurs intergrown with chenevixite.

At the Telfer gold mine, Western Australia, olivenite has been found radiating from cavity surfaces in quartz veins overgrown by chrysocolla.

At the Clara mine, Near Wolfach in the Black Forest, Germany, olivenite and its associated minerals agardite-(Ce), cornwallite and clinoclase, are perched on a fluorite and/or baryte matrix with disseminated tetrahedrite-tennantite. Also an olivenite-adamite solid solution is found associated with philipsburgite.

At Ightem, Bou Azzer, Morocco, zinc-rich olivenite occurs associated with powellite.

At Tamdrost-West, Bou Azzer, Morocco, cobalt- and nickel-rich olivenite has been found in cavities in quartz associated with pharmacosiderite.

At Tsumeb, Namibia, olivenite occurs with azurite and malachite.

At the San Rafael mine, Nye county, Nevada, USA, olivenite occurs within zones containing mixite and conichalcite in the rosasite stope. Olivenite has also been documented here in association with cornubite and cornwallite.

At the Majuba mine, Pershing county, Nevada, USA, olivenite is associated with cornetite.

At the Mammoth mines, Tintic district, Utah, USA, olivenite is associated with clinoclase, tyrolite and conichalcite.

Common impurities: Fe,P

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