Formula: Cu6Al(SO4)(OH)12Cl.3H2O
Hydrated sulphate containing hydroxyl and halogen
Specific gravity: 3.14
Hardness: 2 or 3 depending on face
Streak: Pale green
Colour: Dark green, bluish green, emerald green
Solubility: Insoluble in water. Readily soluble in acids.

Hydrothermal environments

Spangolite is a rare secondary mineral commonly occurring with other secondary copper minerals in oxidised zones of copper-bearing ore bodies (Mindat, Webmin, HOM), associated with cuprite, connellite, brochantite, chalcophyllite, cyanotrichite, linarite, caledonite, clinoclase, azurite, malachite, aurichalcite, tenorite and chrysocolla (HOM, AM78.649-652).

At Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia, a specimen of spangolite has been found as a coating on cerussite (AJM 3.1.45).

At the Mount Isa Block, Queensland, Australia, spangolite has been found on a fracture surface in chert, associated with chrysocolla (AJM 17.2.86).

At the type locality, Bisbee, Arizona, USA, spangolite is associated with cuprite nodules, and it has also been found with claringbullite and atacamite (Minrec 43.1 supplement, R&M 87.1.18).

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