Formula: (Cu,Zn)6(AsO4,PO4)2(OH)6.H2O
Hydrated arsenate phosphate containing hydroxyl
Specific gravity: 4.07
Hardness: 3 to 4
Streak: Pale green
Colour: Bright emerald green

Hydrothermal environments

Philipsburgite occurs sparingly in a secondary assemblage of unusual copper-lead-zinc arsenates and phosphates at the type locality, Black Pine mine, Montana, USA, associated with bayldonite, chrysocolla, mimetite, quartz, arthurite, duftite, tsumebite and veszelyite.

Philipsburgite has also been found at Potts gill mine, Cumbria, England, associated with cornwallite, bayldonite, mimetite and malachite.

Common impurities: Zn,P

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