Formula: BaFe3+3(AsO4)(AsO3OH)(OH)6
Anhydrous arsenate containing hydroxyl, dussertite group, alunite supergroup
Specific gravity: 3.75
Hardness: 3½
Colour: Green, yellow-green, bluish green; yellowish green in transmitted light.
Solubility: Soluble in dilute hydrochloric acid

Hydrothermal environments

Dussertite is a secondary mineral in the oxidised zone of some base metal deposits, frequently as an alteration product of arsenopyrite (Webmin, HOM). Associated minerals include beudantite, carminite, scorodite, arseniosiderite, stibiconite, goethite and quartz (Mindat, HOM).


At the type locality, Djebel Debar, Algeria, dussertite is found as crusts on spongy or lamellar quartz (Dana).

At the Telfer gold mine, Western Australia, micron sized dussertite coats cavities in quartz, associated with agardite (AJM 12.1.37).

At Mapimi, Mexico, dussertite is always associated with the late minerals, carminite and arseniosiderite, and is not found in scorodite without one or the other of these associates. It is found either as a zone between carminite and scorodite, or is small, rounded masses in arseniosiderite (AM 22.479).

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