Formula: NaCa2(Fe2+4Fe3+)(Si6Al2)O22(OH)2
Inosilicate (chain silicate), hastingsite root name group, amphibole
Specific gravity:
Hardness: 5 to 6
Streak: Greenish grey
Colour: Black, dark-green, greenish-brown, yellow
Common impurities: Ti,Mn,K,F,P

Igneous environments
Metamorphic environments

Hastingsite occurs in nepheline syenite and granite, in schist, gneiss, tactite and amphibolite. Associated minerals include scapolite, apatite, magnetite, spinel (in gneiss), garnet, epidote, hedenbergite and quartz (in tactite) (HOM).


The Two Mile and Three Mile deposits, Paddy's River, Paddys River District, Australian Capital Territory, Australia, are skarn deposits at the contact between granodiorite and volcanic rocks. Hastingsite is a primary silicate that occurs as fibrous aggregates with actinolite and hornblende in silicate skarn and altered granite (AJM 22.1.35).

The type locality is Dungannon Township, Hastings county, Ontario, Canada, where hastingsite was found in a metamorphically altered gabbro (Dana).

At Uuksonjoki, Salmi, Finland, hastingsite has been found in rapakivi granite (a hornblende-biotite granite containing large round crystals of orthoclase each with a rim of albite variety oligoclase (Dana).

At the Obira mine, Oita prefecture, Kyushu, Japan, hastingsite has been found with hedenbergite, andradite and vesuvianite (Dana).

At Tysfjord, Norway, hastingsite has been found in granite (Dana).

At Tuva, Russia, the variety ferrohastingsite has been found in granite-pyroxene skarn (FM 63413).

At the Goubensky massif, Ural mountains, Russia, hastingsite has been found in granite gneiss (Dana).

At Almunge, Sweden, hastingsite has been found in nepheline syenite (Dana).

At Bidwell bar, Clipper hills quadrangle, California, USA, hastingsite has been found in schist (Dana).

At Beaver creek, Montana, USA, hastingsite has been found in a vug in monzonite (Dana).

At the Stark complex, Degrasse, Adirondack mountains, New York, USA, hastingsite has been found in hornblende granite gneiss (Dana).

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