Formula: Mn3+Mn2+3(AsO4)(OH)6
Anhydrous arsenate containing hydroxyl, chlorophoenicite group
Specific gravity: 3.66
Hardness: 4
Streak: Reddish orange
Colour: Dark red

Metamorphic environments

To date (March 2021) the type locality, the Buckwheat pit, Franklin Mine, Franklin Mining District, Sussex county, New Jersey, USA, is the only recorded locality for jarosewichite.
The type specimen was collected on the dumps; it consists of massive andradite intergrown with franklinite. The ore is vuggy and the vugs are lined with a druse of an unknown mineral. Upon the druse are tiny crystals of hausmannite, cahnite and allactite. The cahnite is coated with flinkite and jarosewichite, which appear to have formed at the same time. Some jarosewichite encrusts flinkite, indicating it was the last phase formed (AM 67.1043-1047).

Common impurities: Mg

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