Formula: Mn2+2Mn3+(AsO4)(OH)4
Anhydrous arsenate containing hydroxyl
Specific gravity: 3.87
Hardness: 4½
Colour: Green-brown, dark green; Brownish yellow-green in transmitted light.
Solubility: Soluble in hydrochloric acid

Metamorphic environments
Hydrothermal environments

Flinkite is an extremely rare arsenate.

At the type locality, the Harstigen Mine, Filipstad, Värmland, Sweden, flinkite occurs in veinlets in a metamorphosed manganese-iron ore body of the Långban type, as feathery aggregates of crystals implanted upon caryopilite, baryte, and other arsenates (AM 52:1603-1613). Associated minerals include sarkinite, brandtite, caryopilite, nadorite, native lead, manganoan calcite and baryte (Mindat, HOM).

At Franklin, New Jersey, USA, flinkite occurs in a metamorphosed stratiform zinc orebody, associated with cahnite, jarosewichite, franklinite, hausmannite and andradite (HOM ).

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