Formula: KFe3+8(PO4)6(OH)7.6.5H2O
Hydrated phosphate containing hydroxyl
Specific gravity: 2.96
Hardness: 3
Streak: Pale yellowish white
Colour: Yellowish brown, cream to white, pale to canary yellow

Hydrothermal environments

Meurigite-K is a late-stage mineral, rare at all localities (HOM). Localities

At the Wycheproof granite quarry, Buloke Shire, Victoria, Australia, meurigite-K is associated with rockbridgeite, cyrilovite and leucophosphite (HOM).

At Hagendorf, Germany, meurigite-K is formed by alteration of triphylite in a granite pegmatite, associated with nontronite, rockbridgeite, apatite, vivianite, strengite, beraunite, robertsite - mitridatite, cyrilovite, laueite and stewartite (HOM).

At the Gold Quarry mine, Nevada, USA, meurigite-K occurs in the oxidized zone of a low-temperature sediment-hosted hydrothermal gold deposit, associated with fluellite, kingite, tinticite, leucophosphite, strengite/ variscite, hewettite, tyuyamunite and torbernite (HOM).

At the type locality, the Chino Mine, Grant county, New Mexico, USA, meurigite-K occurs in the oxide zone of a copper deposit, associated with beraunite, dufrénite, hematite and leucophosphite (Mindat, R&M 84.6.499).

At the Santa Rita mine, New Mexico, USA, meurigite-K occurs along a fault gouge in the oxidised zone of a copper sulfide deposit, associated with dufrénite, beraunite, leucophosphite and hematite (HOM).

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