Formula: V4+O(SO4).5H2O
Hydrated acid sulphate, minasragrite group, monoclinic paramorph of triclinic anorthominasragrite and orthorhombic orthominasragrite
Specific gravity: 2.03
Hardness: 1 to 2
Streak: Light blue
Colour: Blue, blue in transmitted light
Solubility: Dissolves readily in water

Hydrothermal environments


At the type locality, the Ragra mine (Minasragra), Huayllay District, Pasco Province, Pasco, Peru, minasragrite occurs as efflorescences on patronite in a rich deposit of vanadian materials in fissures that cut red shale. Associated minerals include melanterite, morenosite, dwornikite, retgersite, szomolnokite, alum-(K) and gypsum, as well as patronite (HOM).

At the North Mesa Mine group, Temple Mountain, San Rafael Mining District, Emery county, Utah, USA, minasragrite has been found in a silicified tree, formed as an oxidation product of pyrite reacting with vanadium-rich organic material. Associated minerals include orthominasragrite, pyrite, sulphur and iron sulphates (HOM).

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