Formula: Pb2Cu4(TeO6)2(H2O)2
Crystal System: Orthorhombic
Specific gravity: 6.557 calculated
Hardness: 3
Streak: Very pale green
Colour: Vibrant "neon" green, lime green
Luminescence: Non-fluorescent under UV
Solubility: In dilute hydrochloric acid paratimroseite immediately decomposes, turning opaque white, and then the residue slowly dissolves
Common impurities: Cl

Hydrothermal environments

Paratimroseite is a relatively new mineral, approved in 2009 and to date (February 2023) reported only from the type locality.


At the type locality, the Aga Mine, Otto Mountain, Baker, Soda Mountains, Silver Lake Mining District, San Bernardino county, California, USA, timroseite and paratimroseite both occur on fracture surfaces and in small vugs in brecciated quartz veins. Paratimroseite is directly associated with calcite, cerussite, housleyite, khinite-4O, markcooperite and timroseite. Paratimroseite occurs as vibrant “neon” green blades typically intergrown in irregular clusters and as lime green botryoids (AM 95.1560-1568). It is a secondary mineral formed from the partial oxidation of primary sulphides, such as galena, and tellurides, such as hessite, during or following brecciation of the quartz veins. The chlorine may be sourced in part from primary phases, but it is most likely from salty brines interacting with primary tellurides (HOM).

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