Formula: AgBiTe2
Telluride, matildite group, silver and bismuth bearing mineral
Specific gravity: 8.01
Hardness: 2½ to 3
Colour: Bright lead-grey
Common impurities: Cu

Hydrothermal environments

Volynskite occurs as complex intergrowths with other tellurides in gold ores. Associated minerals include tellurobismuthite, hessite, altaite, calaverite, melonite and petzite (HOM).


At the Ashley Mine, Bannockburn Township, Timiskaming District, Ontario, Canada, the orebody consists of gold-bearing quartz veins or lenses. The principal host rocks are basalt flows that are intruded by dykes of porphyritic granite and lamprophyre. In the immediate vicinity of the quartz veins, the basaltic host rocks are altered to an assemblage of quartz, carbonate and pyrite.
Volynskite was observed as irregular grains associated with tellurobismuthite, rucklidgeite, altaite and galena. It also occurs as small inclusions in rucklidgeite (CM 21.137-143).

At the type locality, the Zod Mine, Vardenis, Gegharkunik Province, Armenia, volynskite was found in gold ores, always as complex intergrowths in tellurobismuthite in areas of inclusions of hessite and altaite, which replace tellurobismuthite (AM 49.818).

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