Formula: Bi2Te3
Telluride, tetradymite group
Specific gravity: 7.813
Hardness: 1½ to 2
Streak: Pale lead-grey
Colour: Lead-grey
Common impurities: S

Hydrothermal environments

Tellurobismuthite typically forms in hydrothermal gold-quartz veins of low sulphur content. Associated minerals include gold, bismuth, gold tellurides, tetradymite, altaite, chalcopyrite and pyrrhotite (HOM).


There are three co-type localities:
Mosnap mine, Moisesberg mines, Fyresdal, Vestfold og Telemark, Norway
Boly Field Mine, Dahlonega, Lumpkin county, Georgia, USA
Little Mildred mine, Sylvanite District, Hidalgo county, New Mexico, USA

At Tennant Creek, Barkly Region, Northern Territory, Australia, tellurobismuthite occurs with pekoite and junoite in massive magnetite (R&M 96.3.209).

At the Yuniman gold mine, near Hedley, Osoyoos Mining Division, British Columbia, Canada, tellurobismuthite occurs with arsenopyrite and native gold (R&M 96.3.209).

At the Sue-Dianne deposit, Diane Lake, Mazenod Lake District, Northwest Territories, Canada, tellurobismuthite has coprecipitated with about 50% pitchblende and is associated with some primary hematite. It forms grains generally less than 20 pm in diameter, and it is also found as interstitial blebs, up to 100pm in diameter, between grains of secondary hematite. There are trace amounts of chalcopyrite, bornite and, rarely, covellite, but these are not closely associated with the tellurobismuthite (CM 19.341-348 ).

At the McIntyre Mine (Pamour Mine), Timmins, Cochrane District, Ontario, Canada, good gold-tellurobismuthite specimens have been found with talc in white quartz (R&M 96.3.209).

At the Louvicourt Goldfield Mine, Val d'Or, La Vallée-de-l'Or RCM, Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Québec, Canada, tellurobismuthite is associated with gold, calaverite and calcite (R&M 96.3.209).

At the Yangzhaiyu Au-Pb-Te deposit, Qinling mine, Lingbao City, Sanmenxia, Henan, China, tellurobismuthite often occurs as lath-shaped crystals. Associated minerals include gold, calaverite, petzite, hessite, tetradymite and volynskite. Although both tellurobismuthite and rucklidgeite occur in assemblages containing calaverite, gold, petzite and chalcopyrite, the two telluride minerals have not been observed together (CM 45.665-708).

At Bohuliby, Jílové u Prahy, Prague-West District, Central Bohemian Region, Czech Republic, tellurobismuthite occurs with gold (R&M 96.3.209).

At the Björkdal Mine, Sandfors, Skellefte mining district, Skellefteå, Västerbotten County, Sweden, tellurobismuthite has been found with gold (R&M 96.3.209).

At the Lone Jack Mine, Twin Lakes, Mount Baker Mining District, Whatcom county, Washington, USA, tellurobismuthite occurs with gold (R&M 96.3.209).

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