Formula: Mn2+5(AsO4)2(OH)4
Anhydrous arsenate containing hydroxyl
Specific gravity: 4.16
Hardness: 5 to 6
Colour: Red

Hydrothermal environments

Arsenoclasite is a very rare mineral.

At the Iron Monarch quarry, Australia, arsenoclasite occurs in a sedimentary iron-manganese deposit associated with gatehouseite, shigaite, hematite, hausmannite baryte, and manganoan ferroan calcite (HOM).

At the type locality, Långban, Värmland, Sweden, arsenoclasite occurs in the adelite - sarkinite - arsenoclasite paragenesis in calcite-filled fissures cutting hausmannite impregnated dolomitic marble. Both arsenoclasite and sarkinite crystallised later than adelite. ((AM56.1539, Mindat, AM17.251) . Associated minerals include sarkinite, adelite, allactite, calcite, dolomite and hausmannite (HOM).

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