Formula: (NaCa2)Mg2(AsO4)3
Anhydrous normal arsenate, forms a series with manganberzeliite
Specific gravity: 4.08 to 4.27
Hardness: 4½ to 5
Streak: Nearly white to yellow-orange
Colour: Yellow, Orange, colorless, brownish-orange; colorless to orange in transmitted light
Solubility: Readily soluble in nitric or hydrochloric acid

Metamorphic environments
Hydrothermal environments

Berzeliite occurs in metamorphosed iron-manganese orebodies (Webmin) associated with hausmannite, rhodonite, tephroite, hedyphane, caryinite, manganoan biotite, långbanite, braunite, hematite, dolomite, baryte and calcite (HOM).

At Örebro, Närke, Sweden, berzeliite occurs in veinlets with rhodonite, tephroite, manganosite, pyrochroite and baryte (Dana).

At the type locality, Långban, Filipstad, Värmland, Sweden, berzeliite occurs in metamorphosed limestone skarn associated with manganophyllite (variety of biotite), hausmannite and caryinite (Also at Moss mine, Värmland) (Mindat, Dana).

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