Formula: Pt3Fe
Elements and alloys
Specific gravity: 16.5
Hardness: 5
Colour: Grey

Igneous environments
Placer deposits

Isoferroplatinum occurs in platinum-iron and copper-nickel deposits in ultramafic rocks, and chromatite-rich rocks, and in placers derived from them (Webmin, HOM). Associated minerals include platinum, iridium, osmium, Pt–Fe alloys, braggite and sperrylite; it may contain inclusions of many other platinum group minerals, gold and pyrite (HOM).

Isoferroplatinum has been found with inclusions of michenerite (Canadian Mineralogist 13.117-126).

There are three co-type localities, the placer deposits of the Tulameen River, Similkameen Mining Division, British Columbia, Canada, the Witwatersrand goldfield, South Africa, and the Stillwater Complex, Montana, USA.

At the Tagil'skiy Verkhnesaldinsky District, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia, isoferroplatinum has been found on ferrian magnesiochromite (FM 41790).

At Fayette County, Pennsylvania, USA, some kimberlite has been found containing bleb-like aggregates of pyrrhotite, pentlandite and chalcopyrite, and trace amounts of palladium and rubidium, occurring in olivine megacrysts. Two of these sulphide blebs contained a grain of platinum-iron alloy, which may be isoferroplatinum, within the bleb margin (AM 75.881-885).

Common impurities: Ir,Os,Ru,Rh,Ni

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