Formula: Fe3+Sn(OH)5O
Oxide containing hydroxyl, wickmanite group, paramorph of natanite
Specific gravity: 3.81
Hardness: 3½
Streak: Light yellow
Colour: Brownish orange
Solubility: Slowly soluble in cold hydrochloric acid
Common impurities: Mn,(Mg,Si)

Hydrothermal environments

Jeanbandyite has been found in the oxide zone of polymetallic hydrothermal deposits as crystal aggregates in epitactic growth on vertices of crystals of wickmanite or natanite (Dana, Webmin).


At the type locality, the Siglo Veinte mine, Llallagua, Rafael Bustillo, Potosí, Bolivia, jeanbandyite has been found in a region of hydrothermal tin mineralisation in a highly altered acid igneous stock (Mindat). The jeanbandyite occurs as epitactically oriented overgrowths on the corners of octohedrons of wickmanite, in most cases completely enclosing the host crystal. It also occurs on massive stannite, and separately with fluorapatite, stannite and cassiterite. Elsewhere in the mine it occurs with wolframite, bismuthinite, stannite and pyrite and also with franckeite, stannite and pyrite. Jeanbandyite has been found on the mine dumps covered by a crust of plumbogummite and associated with cassiterite, quartz, pyrite and muscovite (Min Rec 37-2.140-142, AM 68.471).

At Santa Eulalia, Mexico, jeanbandyite occurs as an epitaxial overgrowth on wickmanite associated with natanite, pyrrhotite, siderite and quartz (HOM)

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