Formula: Mn2+Sn4+(OH)6
Hydroxide, wickmanite group, paramorph of tetrawickmanite
Specific gravity: 3.89
Hardness: 4 to 4½
Streak: White
Colour: Brownish yellow, yellow
Solubility: Slowly soluble in common acids
Common impurities: Ca

Metamorphic environments
Hydrothermal environments

Wickmanite is a rare manganese and tin bearing mineral.


At Llallagua, Bolivia, wickmanite occurs in cavities in stannite (Dana) and has been identified as the host mineral for epitactic overgrowths of jeanbandyite (Minrec 37.2.158).

At El Hamman, Morocco, wickmanite is associated with burtite, stokesite, datolite, pectolite and apophyllite (HOM).

At Tvedalen, Norway, wickmanite occurs in a nepheline syenite pegmatite (HOM, Dana).

In the Ladoga Region, Republic of Karelia, Russia, wickmanite has been found in a hydrothermal mineral deposit in altered garnet skarn (HOM, Dana).

At the type locality, Långban, Filipstad, Värmland County, Sweden, wickmanite is a rare late-stage, low-temperature mineral in magnetite ore and jacobsite - richterite - manganoan biotite skarn in a metamorphosed iron-manganese orebody. Associated minerals include bementite, allactite, calcite, baryte and magnetite (HOM, AM 53.1063 ).

At Whealcock Zawn, Botallack, Cornwall, England, UK, wickmanite is associated with stokesite, axinite, grossular, pargasite, apatite, titanite, orthoclase and chalcopyrite (HOM, Dana).

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