Formula: Cu2Pb2Si5O14.14H2O
Unclassified silicate
Specific gravity: 4.45
Hardness: 4
Streak: Pale nickel green
Colour: Green
Solubility: Luddenite is not easily soluble in acids. Dissolution even in heated 50% HNO3 is slow. It readily fuses to a runny lemon yellow slag in the closed tube (Mindat).

Hydrothermal environments

Luddenite occurs in thoroughly oxidised lead-copper sulphide ores, associated with galena, chalcopyrite, fluorite, quartz, alamosite, melanotekite cerussite, chalcocite, shattuckite, chrysocolla and wickenburgite (HOM).

At the type locality, an unnamed prospect near Artillery Peak, Mohave county, Arizona, USA, luddenite occurs with galena, chalcopyrite, fluorite, alamosite, melanotekite and hyalotekite (Dana, AM 68.643).

Common impurities: Ti

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