Formula: As4S4
Sulphide; realgar alters to pararealgar on exposure to light, and primary pararealgar is also known (Mindat)
Specific gravity:
Hardness: 1 to 1½
Streak: Light yelloe
Colour: Light yellow to orange-brown

Hydrothermal environments

Pararealgar occurs as an alteration product of realgar in stibnite-bearing quartz veins; the alteration is typically a result of exposure to light. Associated minerals include realgar, stibnite, tetrahedrite, arsenopyrite, duranusite, arsenic, arsenolite, sulphur, lepidocrocite and pyrite (HOM).


There are two co-type localities, Grey Rock mine, Truax Creek, Bridge River area, Lillooet Mining Division, and Mount Washington mine, Comox District, Nanaimo Mining Division, both in British Columbia, Canada.

At Grey Rock mine, pararealgar occurs with stibnite and realgar (AM 66.1277).

At Mount Washington, minerals associated with pararealgar include realgar, stibnite, tetrahedrite, arsenopyrite, arsenic and arsenolite (AM 66.1277).

At the Palomo Mine, Huachocolpa District, Huancavelica Province, Huancavelica, Peru, pararealgar pseudomorphs after realgar have been found (Minrec 39.2.104).

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