Formula: Sb2O3
Simple oxide, dimorph of valentinite
Specific gravity: 5.5
Hardness: 2 to 2½
Streak: White
Colour: Colourless to gray

Hydrothermal environments

Senarmontite is formed by oxidation of antimony, stibnite, and other antimony minerals in hydrothermal antimony-bearing deposits, associated with valentinite, kermesite, stibiconite, cetineite, mopungite and sulphur.

At the type locality, the Djebel Hammimat Mine, Constantine Province, Algeria, senarmontite occurs with kermesite, valentinite and other minerals as an alteration product of stibnite, in veins in a bituminous marly sediment.

At South Ham, Wolfe county, Quebec, Canada, senarmontite occurs with valentinite and kermesite as an alteration product of stibnite.

At Pernek, Slovakia, senarmontite occurs with kermesite. Dana

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