Formula: Sb2OS2
Specific gravity: 4.5 to 4.6
Hardness: 1 to 1½
Streak: Brownish red
Colour: Red

Hydrothermal environments

Kermesite is a secondary mineral that forms as an alteration of stibnite, in antimony deposits (Webmin). The oxidation often continues changing kermesite to senarmontite (AES). Associated minerals include stibnite, antimony, senarmontite, valentinite, cervantite and stibiconite (HOM).

At the Damingshan Mountain, Shanglin county, Guangxi, China, exceptional kermesite crystals were found in a single pocket, associated with stibnite, valentinite, senarmontite and very rarely pääkkönenite (Minrec 38.1.16).

At the Zhenwei (Zhenxu) antimony-gold deposit, Shanglin county, Guangxi, China, kermesite occurs in the upper oxidation zone, together with cervantite (Minrec 38.1.15-16).

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