Formula: FeSb2S4
Sulphosalt, antimony mineral
Specific gravity: 4.64
Hardness: 2 to 3
Streak: Dark brownish-grey
Colour: Dark steel-grey, often with iridescent tarnish

Hydrothermal environments

Berthierite occurs in low-temperature hydrothermal antimony veins, in portions deficient in sulphur (Webmin, HOM), associated with stibnite, arsenopyrite, pyrite, baryte, calcite, quartz and jamesonite (HOM, Mindat, MW).

The type locality is Chazelles-Haut, Mercoeur, Haute-Loire, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France.

At Baia Marie, Maramures, Romania, fine crystals of berthierite have been found intermixed with stibnite and associated with boulangerite (Minrec 38.3.219).


stibnite and pyrite to berthierite and sulphur
Sb2S3 + FeS2 → FeSb2S4 + l/2S2
(CM 28.725-738)

Fe-tetrahedrite, berthierite and sulphur to chalcopyrite and stibnite
Cu10Fe2Sb4S13 + 2FeSb2S4 + 11/2S2 → 10CuFeS2 + 4Sb2S3
(CM 28.725-738)

Common impurities: Mn,Cu,Pb,Ag

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