Formula: Sb
Native element, arsenic group
Forms a series with arsenic
Specific gravity: 6.61 to 6.71
Hardness: 3 to 3½
Streak: Grey
Colour: Tin-white

Hydrothermal environments

Antimony occurs in antimony-silver hydrothermal veins with silver, antimony and arsenic minerals (Webmin, Dana, HOM). Associated minerals include silver, stibnite, stibarsen, sphalerite, pyrite, galena and quartz (HOM, Dana, Mindat).


skinnerite to chalcocite, antimony and sulphur
2Cu3SbS3 → 3Cu2S + 2Sb + 3/2S2
(CM 28.725-738)

Zn-tetrahedrite to chalcocite, antimony, sphalerite and sulphur
Cu10Zn2Sb4S13 → 5Cu2S + 4Sb + 2ZnS + 3S2
(CM 28.725-738)

Zn-tetrahedrite to skinnerite, antimony, sphalerite and sulphur
3Cu10Zn2Sb4S13 → 10Cu3SbS3 + 2Sb + 6ZnS + 3/2S2
(CM 28.725-738)

Common impurities: As

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