Formula: Ba4(Ti,Nb,W)8O16(SiO3)4Cl
Cyclosilicate (ring silicate)
Specific gravity: 4.71 to 4.72
Hardness: 6
Colour: Light brown to black

Hydrothermal environments

Baotite is a very rare niobium mineral.

At the type locality, the Bayan Obo deposit, Inner Mongolia, China, baotite occurs in quartz veins cutting quartzite near alkali granite and syenite (Webmin, HOM), associated with quartz, calcite, albite, aegirine, galena, pyrite, bastnäsite and alkaline amphiboles (Dana, HOM, AM 45.754, AM 47.987-993).

At the Zagi mountain, Northwest Frontier province, Pakistan, baotite has been found in gneissic riebeckite granite, rarely associated with rutile (MinRec 35.3.210, 212).

At the California State Gem Mine, San Benito county, California, USA, baotite occurs with benitoite, bario-orthojoaquinite, fresnoite and natrolite (HOM).

At Ravalli county, Montana, USA, baotite occurs in a carbonate vein cutting hornblende gneiss in a calcite crust on aeschynite and associated with calcite, dolomite, ancylite, aeschynite, monazite, sodic amphiboles and baryte (HOM, AM 47.987-993). The Ravalli County carbonate veins show an unusual development of niobium species, namely columbite, niobian rutile, fersmite, aeschynite and baotite (AM 47.987-993).

Common impurities: Al,Fe,Cr,Mg,Ca,Na,K

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