Formula: Pb4MnSb6S14
Sulphosalt, forms a series with jamesonite
Specific gravity: 5.60 (Calculated)
Hardness: 2½
Streak: Brown-grey
Colour: Lead grey
Common impurities: Cu,Zn,Bi

Metamorphic environments

Benavidesite occurs in metamorphosed iron sulfide deposits, associated with bismuth, freibergite, galena, gudmundite, spessartine and sphalerite (Mindat).


At Dachang, Nandan County, Hechi, Guangxi, China, benavidesite is associated with pyrite and calcite (HOM).

There are two co-type localities, the Uchucchacua mine, Oyon Province, Lima, Peru and the Sätra mine, Doverstorp ore field, Finspång, Östergötland county, Sweden. Benavidesite forms in very reducing conditions.

At the Uchucchacua mine, Peru, benavidesite occurs in polymetallic mineralisation associated with dacite intrusions, and associated with galena, manganoan sphalerite, pyrite, pyrrhotite, alabandite, uchucchacuaite, quartz, bustamite, rhodonite and calcite (HOM).

At the Sätra mine, Sweden, benavidesite occurs in a metamorphosed iron sulphide deposit associated with galena, freibergite, gudmundite, manganoan sphalerite, bismuth and spessartine (HOM).

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