Formula: Pb5.9Fe0.1Mn0.1In0.1Cd0.2Ag2.8Sb10.8S24
Sulfosalt, lillianite group
Specific gravity: 5.43
Hardness: 2
Streak: Grey-black
Colour: Grey, bluish black

Hydrothermal environments

Ramdohrite is a rare mineral belonging to the lillianite group.

At the type locality, the Chocaya mine, Sud Chichas Province, Potosí, Bolivia, ramdohrite is found in a silver-tin vein in fine-grained quartz in a hydrothermal vein, associated with pyrite, stannite, andorite, jamesonite, sphalerite and quartz (HOM, AM 16.132).

At Bear Basin, Washington, USA, ramdohrite is associated with andorite (HOM).

Common impurities: Fe,Cd,In

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