Formula: AgPbSb3S6
Sulfosalt, ramdohrite - lillianite group.
Specific gravity: 5.35
Hardness: 3 to 3½
Streak: Black
Colour: Dark grey

Hydrothermal environments

Andorite occurs in low-temperature polymetallic hydrothermal veins.

At the Itos mine, Bolivia, andorite is associated with cassiterite, arsenopyrite, stannite, zinkenite, tetrahedrite, pyrite, alunite and quartz (HOM).

At Llallagua, Bolivia, andorite is quite rare, but it has been found covered by wavellite, with stannite and pyrite on quartz (MinRec 37.2.126).

At Baia Sprie, Romania, andorite is associated with stibnite, sphalerite, baryte, fluorite, siderite and quartz (HOM).

At Morey, Nevada, USA, andorite is associated with pyrargyrite, stephanite, sphalerite, rhodochrosite and quartz (HOM).

Common impurities: Cu,Zn,Fe

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