Formula: Pb2(CrO4)
Specific gravity: 7.01
Hardness: 2½
Streak: Brick red
Colour: Dark red
Solubility: Soluble in hydrochloric acid with separation of lead chloride

Hydrothermal environments

Phoenicochroite is a rare secondary mineral in the oxidised zone of chromium-bearing hydrothermal lead deposits, associated with crocoite, vauquelinite, fornacite, hemihedrite, iranite, pyromorphite, mimetite, cerussite, leadhillite, galena, calcite, fluorite and quartz.
Phoenicochroite superficially alters to crocoite which is then replaced by cerussite, mimetite and vauquelinite.

At the type locality, the Berezovsk Mines, Ural mountains, Russia, phoenicochroite is associated with vauquelinite, pyromorphite, galena, crocoite and anglesite.

At various localities in Arizona, USA, phoenicochroite occurs with mimetite, willemite, hemihedrite and vauquelinite.

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