Formula: Sr(CO3)
Anhydrous normal carbonate, aragonite group, forms a series with cerussite
Emmonite is a calcium-bearing variety of strontianite.
Crystal System: Orthorhombic
Specific gravity: 3.74 to 3.78 measured, 3.722 calculated
Hardness: 3½
Streak: White
Colour: Colourless, white, yellowish, greenish, grey
Solubility: Readily soluble in hydrochloric acid; moderately soluble in sulphuric and nitric acid
Common impurities: Ca

Sedimentary environments
Hydrothermal environments

Strontianite is an epithermal (low temperature) hydrothermal mineral that occurs in sulphide veins in limestone, marl and chalk, and also as geodes or concretionary masses in limestone or clay. It occurs rarely in hydrothermal metallic veins and is common in carbonatites. Associated minerals include baryte, celestine, calcite, harmotome and sulphur Strontianite alters to celestine and is itself also found as an alteration product of celestine (Mindat, HOM).


At the Cariboo Mining Division, British Columbia, Canada, strontianite occurs in vein deposits in limestone (Dana).

At the Francon quarry, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, strontianite is very common as aggregates to 10 cm as a late stage mineral in the sill cavities, sometimes as multiple generations (Minrec 37.1.44-46).

At Oberschaffhausen, Bötzingen, Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald, Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, strontianite occurs with zeolites (Dana).

At the Meiseberg mine, Neudorf, Harzgerode, Harz, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, strontianite occurs in cavities with siderite and galena (Minrec 43.1.45).

At Trichy, Tiruchirapalli District, Tamil Nadu, India, strontianite occurs in clay with celestine, gypsum and phosphatic nodules (Dana).

At Sierra Mojada, Mun. de Sierra Mojada, Coahuila, Mexico, secondary strontianite occurs with celestine in a lead-silver deposit, and is believed to have formed as an alteration product of celestine (AM 18.345-350).

At the Kirovskii apatite mine, Kukisvumchorr Mt, Khibiny Massif, Murmansk Oblast, Russia, strontianite occurs in late hydrothermal assemblages in cavities of pegmatites associated with kukharenkoite-(La) in a pectolite-aegirine-microcline vein (Minrec 35.4.355).

At Yukspor Mt, Khibiny Massif, Murmansk Oblast, Russia, strontianite is associated with ferricerite-(LaCa) in an aegirine-natrolite-microcline vein in foyaite (Minrec 35.2.176), and with barylite-10 in alkaline pegmatite veins (Minrec 35.4.347).

At Palabora, Limpopo Province, South Africa strontianite was found on one occasion, as single white prismatic crystals to 3 mm associated with iowaite in a carbonate stringer in phoskorite (R&M 92.5.448).

At Brownley Hill Mine, Nenthead, Alston Moor, Eden, Cumbria, England, UK strontianite occurs rarely as white to pale green sprays to 5 mm in cavities in baryte with calcite and ankerite, collected from the top of the Great Limestone (Minrec 31.3.248).

At Castleton, High Peak, Derbyshire, England, UK, strontianite occurs as white millimetre-size tapering prismatic crystals with colourless to white calcite, pale to dark purple fluorite, curved white baryte, dark resinous sphalerite and sphenoidal chalcopyrite on two specimens from an old collection, dating back to the eigtheenth century (JRS 23.19-32).

At Dulcote Quarry, St Cuthbert Out, Mendip, Somerset, England, UK, strontianite has been found as aggregates to 6 mm of steeply pointed, colourless to white crystals on calcite (JRS 13.17).

At the type locality, Strontian, Fort William and Ardnamurchan, Highland, Scotland, UK, strontianite occurs in veins in gneiss (Mindat).

At the Minerva No. 1 Mine, Ozark-Mahoning group, Cave-in-Rock, Hardin county, Illinois, USA, strontianite has been found with fluorite and calcite (R&M 85.3.212).

At the Empire Mining Sub-District, Pope county, Illinois, USA, strontianite has been found as small bowties of elongate crystals on marcasite (R&M 85.2.217).

At Lime City, Ohio, USA, strontianite pseudomorphs after celestine have been found (KL p171).

At (Mt. Union,) Mifflin county, Pennsylvania, USA, strontianite occurs in limestone with aragonite (Dana).

At Winnfield dome, Winn Parish, Louisiana, USA and salt domes in Texas, USA, strontianite occurs with celestine in calcite cap rock (Dana).

At Schoharie county, New York, USA, strontianite occurs in geodes and veins in limestone with celestine and calcite (Dana).

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