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Formula: Rh5Ni10S16
Sulphide, kuvaevite group, rhodium-bearing mineral
Specific gravity: 5.555 calculated
Colour: Slightly bluish, grey, pale creamy brown

Plutonic igneous environments

Torryweiserite is a relatively new mineral approved in 2020.


At the type locality, the Marathon deposit, Coldwell complex, Thunder Bay District, Ontario, Canada, torryweiserite was discovered in a heavy-mineral concentrate. The deposit consists of disseminated sulphides hosted by gabbro. Associated minerals include oberthürite, vysotskite, a gold-silver alloy, isoferroplatinum, germanium-bearing keithconnite, majakite, coldwellite, cuprorhodsiteferhodsite, kotulskite, mertieite-II, and the base-metal sulphides, chalcopyrite, bornite, millerite, and rhodium-bearing pentlandite.
Torryweiserite is thought to develop at about 500°C through ordering of rhodium-nickel-sulphur nanoparticles in precursor rhodium-bearing pentlandite during cooling. The paragenetic sequence of the associated rhodium-bearing minerals is:
rhodium-bearing pentlanditeoberthüritetorryweiseriteferhodsite-series minerals, reflecting a relative increase in rhodium concentration with time.
The final step was driven by the oxidation of Fe2+ to Fe3+ and subsequent preferential removal of Fe3+, similar to the process involved in the conversion of pentlandite to violarite (CM 59.1833-1863).

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