Formula: (Pd,Cu)16(S,Te)7
Sulphide/telluride, palladium-bearing mineral
Specific gravity: 8.796 calculated
Hardness: 4½ to 5
Streak: Black
Colour: Steel-grey

Sedimentary environments


At the type locality, Konstantinovo, Kameno Municipality, Burgas Province, Bulgaria, vasilite is found in heavy-mineral concentrates. The host rocks are gravels, sands and bentonite clays. The main clastic mineral in the gravels and sands is quartz. The most common minerals in the heavy concentrates are magnetite, chromite, garnet, zircon, rutile, ilmenite, pyroxene, amphibole, native gold, Au3Pd and the platinum-group minerals and alloys platinum, isoferroplatinum, palladium, iridium and osmium variety iridosmine. These phases occur as individual grains up to 3-4 mm in size. Cooperite, malanite, braggite, vysotskite, vasilite, osmium, osmium variety iridosmine, platinum-bearing osmium, erlichmanite, laurite, hollingworthite, bowieite, bornite, rhodium-bearing pyrrhotite, palladium-bearing troilite, chromite and augite are found as inclusions in all these grains. Vasilite is found as a component of oval or spherical poly-mineralic inclusions, together with bowieite and palladium-bearing troilite, in a matrix of isoferroplatinum. The form of the vasilite grains is irregular or platy, up to 100 microns in length and 35 microns in width (CM 28.687-689).

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