Formula: Ni3(AsO4)2.8H2O
Hydrated normal arsenate, vivianite group
Forms a series with erythrite
Specific gravity: 3.07
Hardness: 1½ to 2½
Streak: Pale green to white (paler than the mineral color).
Colour: Green, light grey to light apple green, white; pale rose red when rich in cobalt.
Common impurities: Co,Mg,Ca,Zn,Fe

Hydrothermal environments

Annabergite is an uncommon supergene alteration product which forms during the weathering of primary nickel and arsenic-bearing minerals. It is generally found in the oxidised zones of polymetallic hydrothermal mineral veins. Associated minerals include gersdorffite, maucherite, nickeline, nickelskutterudite and retgersite (R&M 85.2.154, Mindat, HOM).

At the Union Jack mine, Coolgardie, Western Australia, annabergite has been found as crystals on quartz and also as a chalky coating on vein quartz (AJM 19.2.43-45).

In the West mine at Tilt Cove, Newfoundland, Canada, annabergite occurs with maucherite, nickeline, nickelskutterudite, gersdorffite, violarite, rammelsbergite and arsenopyrite (R&M 85.2.154-159).

At the type locality, the Kippenhain Mine, Erzgebirge, Saxony, Germany, annabergite occurs in the oxide zone in a nickel-bearing sulphide deposit, associated with fluorite (Mindat).

At the Gloria mine, Sinaloa, Mexico, annabergite is associated with gersdorffite (R&M 85.2.154-159).

At Bou Azzer, Morocco, annabergite occurs in a dolomitic cavity zone with nickeline, rammelsbergite and gersdorffite (MinRec 38.5.359).

At Ait Ah,ane, Bou Azzer, Morocco, annabergite occurs as crystals in quartz with nickel silicates and talmessite, and in a separate occurrence associated with erythrite (MinRec 38.5.359).

At Ightem, Bou Azzer, Morocco, annabergite occurs with adamite and powellite (MinRec 38.5.359).

At the Hilton mine, Cumbria, England, UK, annabergite has been found with fluorite and iron oxides (R&M 84.2.114-121).

At the Great Orme Copper Mines, Llandudno, Gwynedd, Wales, UK, annabergite forms microscopic coatings on gersdorffite (MW).

At the cobalt mine dumps below Great Hill, Connecticut, USA, annabergite has been found with erythrite as encrustations on nickelskutterudite (R&M 85.2.154-159).

At the Bishop Silver and Cobalt Mining Company property in Inyo county, California, USA, annabergite occurs with erythrite, cobalt arsenides and acanthite (R&M 85.2.154-159).

At the Kelsey mine, Los Angeles county, California, USA, annabergite occurs with erythrite, cobalt arsenides and native silver (R&M 85.2.154-159).

At Lovelock mine, Humbolt county, Nevada, USA, annabergite occurs with retgersite and erythrite (Dana, R&M 85.2.154-159).

At the Johnson and Candelaria mines, Mineral county, Nevada, USA, annabergite is associated with conichalcite and olivenite (R&M 85.2.154-159).

At the Alhambra and Black Hawk mines and the Granada prospect at Grant Ccounty, New Mexico, USA, annabergite occurs sparingly with erythrite (R&M 85.2.154-159).

In prospects near Nespelem, Okanogan county, Washington, USA, annabergite occurs with other nickel minerals and erythrite (R&M 85.2.154-159).

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