Formula: NiAs
Specific gravity: 7.784
Hardness: 5 to 5½
Streak: Pale brownish black
Colour: Pale copper red
Solubility: Soluble in aqua regia (Dana

Plutonic igneous environments
Hydrothermal environments

Nickeline is a minor component of nickel-copper ores in high-temperature hydrothermal veins; it also occurs disseminated in peridotite and norite. In ore deposits derived from norites nickeline is associated with pyrrhotite and chalcopyrite (Dana). In vein deposits it is associated with cobalt and silver minerals (Dana). Other associated minerals include skutterudite, nickelskutterudite, safflorite, rammelsbergite, gersdorffite, maucherite, breithauptite, michenerite, bismuth and bismuthinite (HOM).

Nickeline occurs in copper deposits at the Keweenaw peninsula, Michigan, USA (Dana).

Common impurities: Sb,Fe,Co,S

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