Formula: AgI
Normal halide
Specific gravity: 5.69
Hardness: 1½ to 2
Streak: Yellow (shining)
Colour: Colourless (fresh); pale yellow, yellow, greenish yellow, brownish, greyish

Hydrothermal environments

Iodargyrite is a secondary mineral associated with weathered silver ores (Webmin, HOM) in arid regions (Dana).
Associated minerals include bismoclite, silver, acanthite, chlorargyrite, bromargyrite, calcite, cerussite, descloizite, pyromorphite, vanadinite and limonite (HOM, Mindat).

At the Mount Deverell variscite deposit, Milgun Station, Western Australia, iodargyrite occurs as microscopic grains included in rutile/anatase, and in cavities in jarosite replacing pyrite. It has also been found in an alunite pseudomorph after pyrite in variscite. The variscite deposits are hosted by marine sedimentary rocks (AJM 20.2.26).

At Dzezkazgan, Kazakstan, iodargyrite has been found with malachite (FM 42699).

The type locality is the Albarradón Mine, Concepción del Oro Municipality, Zacatecas, Mexico.

Common impurities: Cl,Br

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