Formula: Cu6Al(AsO4)3(OH)6.3H2O
Hydrated arsenate containing hydroxyl, mixite group
Specific gravity: 3.50
Hardness: 3 to 4
Streak: Greenish white
Colour: Blue-green, yellow-green
Solubility: Dissolves slowly in dilute hydrochloric acid

Hydrothermal environments

Goudeyite is a rare secondary arsenate.


At Chessy, France, goudeyite is associated with malachite and montmorillonite (HOM).

At the type locality, Majuba Hill Mine, Antelope Mining District, Pershing county, Nevada, USA, goudeyite is a rare secondary mineral in a hydrothermal copper-tin orebody in rhyolite porphyry and breccia (HOM).
Primary ore minerals include chalcopyrite, arsenopyrite, pyrrhotite, pyrite and cassiterite. Oxidation occurred along fault zones, and secondary minerals were deposited in fractures.
Goudeyite, and also parnauite, generally occurs alone on limonite-stained fracture surfaces. Goudeyite came from a small stope near the entrance to the Copper Stope. Secondary minerals commonly occurring nearby include olivenite, clinoclase, cornwallite, strashimirite, scorodite, pharmacosiderite, arthurite, metazeunerite, chalcanthite and chrysocolla. Less commonly occurring nearby minerals include spangolite, chalcophyllite, malachite, azurite and brochantite (AM 63.704-708).

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